McKinley Schmidt - UI/UX Designer - Hamtramck, MI

Hello! I'm a recent graduate in search of a place to begin my professional career in UX. I enjoy designing interfaces for both mobile and web that are My main goal in design is to create spaces - online or elsewhere - that balance beauty with accessibility, creativity with practicality, and both simple and holistic. At the intersection of these concepts is where my passion lies in bringing abstract concepts to life.

Some of my other interests include music, art, politics and (pre-covid) karaoke and standup. Currently, I spend my spare time going for walks and taking care of my fur baby.


FlightFriend logo

FlightFriend - An app concept that creates a checklist of tasks to help anxious flyers successfully board their flights. Prototype made using InVision. You can view it here.


PICKUP - During the summer of 2019, I interned at Dallas-based company PICKUP as a UX designer. Most of my design work dealt with applications on the backend used by customer service representatives. I worked alongside business analysts and the front-end web developer to assess project requirements and redesign the Order Information form to be more user-friendly.

Contact: LinkedIn Twitch